My week-long experience with The Next Generation Radio project was a thrilling one. Participating in this one of a kind, multimedia storytelling project provided me with a platform to grow as an industry professional. It allowed me the opportunity to produce a powerful story that I’m genuinely proud of.

My story was Becoming Brave: How One mother’s leap of faith led to a life of opportunity. The inspiration I gained through working closely with the mentors and my subject showed me how collaborative storytelling can be.

I’ve learned that the field of journalism runs on the efforts of many skilled individuals. I discovered that the process of gathering and verifying the facts to ensure we tell rich, authentic, and meaningful stories require more than “just asking questions”. Capturing a story that resonates with readers and viewers requires listening skills, being open to constructive criticism and writing skills that are concise.

For me, this project has proven that the skill of gathering powerful stories and presenting them in a format that’s easily digestible by the public is an art form that is worthy of respect. In a culture where attention is for sale, I’m excited to continue to build on this skill and the many others gained in this project.  

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